Not on here anymore.

hmmm well, i think im leaving LJ because i really dont use it. Im on myspace which i like much better but i've had a great time here in lj land for many years and the great friends i've met on here.........
So if you want please visit me at or im a member of flicker-
AND! I am trying my best to become a suicide girl. So watch out for that!! raaaawr!!! :) lol. see you later lovies oh yeah i forgot to mention, i got my nose pierced and i love it. go see my photos on flickr and leave comments!! byeeeeeee


goodbye internet

So i've decided that for the reaons i use the internet it just isnt enough -i am going to get rid of my home internet but i will be online here and there from other places. so this is still amanda's myspace :)
Its just yknow, bills suck!!!
I'd like fewer of them... so... look for me soon, i love u all :)

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I've been on this low carb thing for a few weeks now.. the south beach diet*
Its all about good carbs vs. bad ones. and high protein. Which i personally think is great... Its not really a "diet" its very healthy and does allow you things most diets dont.
The only thing that sucked for me lately is i decided to not drink red wine, which i fucking LOVE.. and just drink things like gin which have zero carbs on its own. but once you factor in the tonic water or whatever, it's still just as bad... so i re-decided that i just cannot live w/o my red wine and i've gone back to it. lol....
I guess it could be worse :)
I just cant help it, a day w/o red wine is like a day without taking a shit.




Things are going really well....Im feeling the stress come off my back like the devils pitch fork that was removed years ago.Finnaly things are coming together and the seams dont feel weak, i dont think they'll break. Caught myself eyeballing a silver star on my walk home last night (not to mention it was negative 4 when i walked home from work) guiding me all the way to middle street where i was instantly warm and relieved. Smiles are always seen on the back of the mirror these days and you can catch me humming in the late afternoon. Sleep is a little dizzy but that's because im still balancing it all out. There are way more stars in the jar than creepy x's and o's but that doesn't mean i dont have love.....
Happy new year amanda your wish may be coming true. Its so nice to just be and not have to make be.lieve.
Black cats still dancing in my dreams and a mission i follow slightly crumbled. Its the beginning of a new beginning and that means spring.
Drain yourself of the emptiness the cold has planted into you because its not far from being melted with a hot kiss from fate.
Making my mirror images i see glimpses of you and they snap into my skin and recall my name all night.
You still linger along the lining of star love but you can fight the urge to breath.
Life is beautiful if you let it be.

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Good things coming up:
  • I have a 2nd interview for a job on wednesday.
  • My parents are going to LA to see my brother and my mum is so excited she will be meeting Tool. (just so happens to be friends with my bro now, how odd! hah)
  • ISIS is playing in boston sometime in may which rocks my ass cos im going! @ the middleast again.
  • J and i are getting a long
  • Im taking better care of myself, emotionally and mentally
  • Spring is coming
  • My taxes are done and i should be getting the $ soon.
  • With the tax money i'm buying a laptop.